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Best Wedding Event Planners in Bangladesh

The wedding ceremony follows the Gaye Holud traditions. The bride’s family arranges the wedding ceremony. The groom, along with his friends and family (Borjatri), traditionally arrives later in the evening. The groom is sent a car from the bride’s side. He rides inside it with two elder male relatives. One from the bride’s side and another from his own family. Called his Borkorta as well as the youngest male member of his family. Dressed as a groom Named his Neet bor, similar to the “best man” in western traditions). Event Time Bd

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Before leaving for the wedding venue groom is blessed by his Mother. He formally seeks her permission to begin a new life with his soon-to-be “better half”. At a Muslim wedding, the groom’s mother leaves along with the groom and takes him to the Bride’s house. However, in contrast to the Hindu ceremony. The groom’s mother presents the bride with jewellery and sarees. Then changes into her wedding saree and jewellery in Muslim ceremonies. Event Time Bd

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Later, the groom and his father and the bride’s father meet to sign the official mahr contract. Ritually giving the Bride a set amount of money as her dowry. In a Muslim ceremony, the bride and groom are stated separately, Family and friends. Each bride and groom with a Huzur’ who asks both. They accept the other as their partners and if they say “Kabul” (means I get it).

Then they sign the wedding document. Then seated next to each other and ask for the blessing of their family and God. Andbride’s side of the family, dance, take pictures, and talk with the guests. The following day (preferably before noon). the new couple leaves for the groom’s house that evening. This is known as the Bidaay goodbye or farewell ceremony.

Best Wedding Event Planners

When the bride is greeted by the groom in the morning. where he gifts the bride with essential accessories. A married woman. A sari and other auspicious things on a plate of silver. These items are given by the husband only and not by the in-laws of the bride. Nowadays they also use other metals like brass etc. This signifies that the groom would hence be taken care of. All the needs and requirements of his bride from that day onwards.

Marriage, in our society, represents not only the sacred union of two individuals. Also the alliance of two families and extended relatives. Their level of involvement is so high that the bride/groom is usually chosen by the family. Even a few decades ago, the bride and groom only saw each other. On their wedding day for the first time. In metropolitan regions, this pattern has shifted. And the younger generation now has a more significant role in picking their life mate. After receiving all these items from her husband. The bride takes a blessing from her husband and begins the rituals of “Bou Bhaat”.

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