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Graduation Event Management in Bangladesh

A Convocation is a very special day in the academic life of every student, as after many years of hard work and dedication, they will be getting Education degrees. It is the happiest moment in everyone’s student life. Generally, almost all universities hold a convocation program once a year to honour their newly graduated students. In addition to the passing students, their parents and general students also make the day memorable by organizing various events from small to big. At Simply Elegant, our event and design team takes the time to make the best recommendations to ensure a graduation celebration is a huge success. Graduation Event Management. We know that graduation is more than just a dinner and dance. EVENT TIME LTD

Graduation Event Management in Bangladesh

It’s a step forward in life! The pictures you see in this blog are from one of the graduations we’ve designed. Planning a high school graduation celebration is similar to planning any other event. Before you get started, you and your committee should discuss the following questions to get a better idea about how you would like to proceed.  Every graduation event has a theme or key message. This theme should encompass a vision that impacts every one of the graduates. You will want to use colours to connect the theme to the school, the season, or perhaps to a message, quote, or song that has meaning to that year’s cohort.

Graduation Event Management in Bangladesh

You might consider having a photo booth or a series of photo stops for the attendees to take selfies to share in the moment or later after the event is over. A great floral design and original décor can provide a special touch to enhance your theme. Graduations naturally focus on the students who are graduating. However, the event you are planning will likely include teachers, parents, siblings, friends, and even extended family. It is important for your planning committee to identify the size of the event and who will be attending. Will everyone be there for the full event or will there be different audiences for different components of the event? You’ll also want to consider how seating can be arranged and the timing of the program.

A convocation is a very large and complex event Therefore, all the universities have to manage the entire program with the help of one or the other event management organization. The main responsibility of the event management organization is to properly manage all kinds of arrangements for the guests, students, and parents, from the President, Chancellor, and Proctor to the various guests, students, and parents. One of the main event management responsibilities of the convocation is to provide all the necessary arrangements for the convocation in a timely and orderly manner by combining all the arrangements related to the graduation dress, graduation gown, graduation hat, certificate file, gift, chair, table, stage, decoration, sound, light, artists, and security.

Convocation Event Management in Bangladesh

EVENT TIME LTD has been collaborating with various small and large university convocation events in Bangladesh since 2006 as an event partner. We are always ready to be your proud event partner by contacting us for any need starting from a convocation plan, layout, design, or something else.

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