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Low Budget Simple Nikah Decoration at Home

Low Budget Simple Nikah Decoration at Home

While weddings are about a couple coming together in matrimony. They’re also about the blending of two families and are a great time to honour religion or culture. Or heritage that holds deep meaning to you and your family. Given that Islam is the world’s second-largest religion. Whether you’re attending a Muslim wedding for the first time. Or are you in throes of wedding planning for your own traditional Muslim wedding ceremony and reception? Understanding the intricacies of Muslim weddings is a must. We’re taking a look at what happens at Muslim weddings from the traditions. Customs you should know the regional differences of Muslim weddings across the globe. Low Budget Simple Nikah Decoration at Home.

Low Budget Simple Nikah Decoration at Home

We connected with wedding experts Salman Khan, the wedding planner at the helm of Salman Khan Event Styling, and Fady Elsayed, the wedding planner behind John Campbell Weddings, to better understand the traditions and nuances of Muslim weddings. From frequently asked questions to specific traditions to expect, below you’ll find an in-depth guide to traditional Muslim wedding ceremonies and receptions. If you’re gearing up to attend a Muslim wedding for the first time, understanding the traditions the couple is including is one of the best ways to honour the newlyweds and ensure you’re able to participate fully and respectfully in the celebration. Ahead of the big day, keep these Muslim wedding FAQs in mind.

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“As the second-largest religion on the planet. With significant and diverse populations all over the globe. It’s worth noting that there are countless ways Muslims celebrate and perform weddings,” emphasizes Campbell. Khan concurs adding that Muslim weddings differ based on regionality. This goes back to cultural and ethnic norms during a wedding. There may be some cultural and traditional nuances that take place. Games or things that happen, whether it’s South Asian, East Asian, North African, or Arab All depend on the region. Some people take things from what their culture is, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with Islam. Because it is just a way to celebrate the wedding and that’s what makes it really beautiful. That even though it is a Muslim wedding you can see it done so many different ways.”

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Campbell shares that one big difference is the way, Brides and grooms. It’s usually a bride who is processed and presented. To her groom during a zaffe. In South Asian weddings, it’s normally a groom. Who is processed and presented to his bride during a baraat? Another marked difference is the number of celebrations. While an Arab wedding has one major reception-style celebration (the Walima). South Asian weddings traditionally have two: the Shaadi, which normally takes place. The same day as the Nikah, and the Walima, which normally takes place the following day.”

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Beyond regionality, some differences can be seen. Even more granularly from country to country. Take Muslim weddings in Indonesia, for example. “While Indonesia is a Muslim-majority country (the largest in the world!), it doesn’t recognize a national religion,” says Campbell. A Muslim marriage contract is still recognized as both a religious and civil document. But the Nikah ceremony must be overseen by both a religious officiant and a government official. Beyond that, the enormous number of ethnic groups and their unique cultures found throughout the islands of Indonesia means that the nation is home to an array of Muslim practices and traditions. A great example is a Javanese wedding tradition where the father of a bride will weigh the bride and groom each on his knees and claim they weigh the same in order to symbolize their equality.”

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